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Dr. Helen Papagiannis


Speaker, Author, Designer

The power of Augmented Reality (AR) resides in its capacity to amplify human possibility: creative expression, knowledge, and connection, says DR. HELEN PAPAGIANNIS, a world-leading expert in the field. With AR rapidly advancing, we must ask: how can we design experiences to enhance and enrich a user’s life and extend our humanity in unprecedented ways? Author of Augmented Human, Dr. Papagiannis’ talks and work explore what AR does best, highlighting ways that emerging technologies can serve to expand human intelligence.



Dr. Helen Papagiannis has been working with AR for over a decade as a researcher, designer, and technology evangelist. In her cutting-edge talks, Dr. Papagiannis takes audiences through the present and future realities that AR both invents and manifests. AR is not a replacement for our current, tangible reality. Rather, Dr. Papagiannis shows all the ways that AR makers are using the technology to amplify human intelligence, focus our engagement with real spaces, and, paired with Artificial Intelligence, improve our health. Dr. Papagiannis was named among the NEXT 100 Top Influencers of the Digital Media Industry and as an influential pioneer shaping the next wave of computing. She is the former Chief Innovation Officer at Infinity Augmented Reality Inc. (acquired by Alibaba) and Senior Research Associate at York University’s Augmented Reality Lab.


Dr. Papagiannis has presented her interactive work and Ph.D. research at global conferences and invited events including TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design), ISMAR (International Society for Mixed and Augmented Reality), AWE (Augmented World Expo), and ISEA (International Symposium for Electronic Art). Her TEDx talk was featured among the Top 10 on Augmented Reality and Gamified Life. Prior to her augmented life, Dr. Papagiannis was a member of the internationally renowned Bruce Mau Design studio where she was project lead on “Massive Change: The Future of Global Design”, an internationally touring exhibition and best-selling book examining the new inventions, technologies, and events changing the world. She is represented by The Lavin Agency as a keynote speaker and management consultant.


As a subject matter expert on Augmented Reality and related emerging technologies, Dr. Papagiannis works with the world’s leading corporations, investment firms, and professional services firms advising on competitive landscape, product development, technical requirements, trends, future outlook and applications, and the impact of these technologies on business, society, and culture. Her book Augmented Human is available worldwide in 5 languages and was named the best Augmented Reality book of all time by Book Authority.