Have you played my game "Real or AR"?

Photo: Benedict Radcliffe

Photo: Benedict Radcliffe

Did you play this week’s game of “Real or AR” in my Instagram story? Looks like a real London taxi next to a virtual one, right? Wrong. They are both REAL 😲 No Augmented Reality here my friends (48% of you guessed AR)!

These physical life-sized steel rod sculptures are the incredible work of British artist Benedict Radcliffe (thank you Matt Miesnieks for introducing me to Benedict’s work!) Follow @benedictradcliffe for more mind-bending wire-frame sculptures and if you have work you’d like featured, get in touch!

Play a new round of “Real or AR” with me next week starting Wednesday at 8pm EST / 5pm PST for 24 hours in my @AugmentedHuman Instagram story

Helen Papagiannis