Highlighted Press


New York Times

Interviewed as a Subject Matter Expert on Augmented Reality for an article on Snapchat and the future of entertainment. Provided an industry overview and emerging trends to the journalist for his background research and was quoted in the article.


Venture Beat

“AR and VR experiences begin with imagining the potential of building fulfilling new realities and thinking critically about how these newfound capacities can enrich, enable, and empower humans. We must approach our work with deep thought, intention, and a commitment to bettering lives. Now that we have all of this incredible technology, how are we going to apply it to create a positive impact and uplift humanity?”



Women of Wearables

"When I began working with AR in 2005, the focus in the industry and research community was on the technology. The primary question was, ‘Can we achieve this technically?’ Today, the big question is, ‘Now that we know we can do this from a technical perspective, what are we going to do with it?’ And that’s where my PhD work (which was focused on AR as a new medium) and Augmented Human comes in: it’s all about designing compelling experiences and this is the book to inform and inspire.”


Toronto Life

"I often compare AR to the emergence of cinema. At first, people marvelled at the technology and content was secondary. We’re in the early days of AR, still defining the conventions, and it’s wide open right now. There are so many opportunities for AR to be built into our daily lives. It’s an excellent time for storytellers, engineers and artists to develop ways to use this technology. I’m excited to see how these tools can expand our human capacity and change our lives.”



Toronto Star

“Artists have the unique ability to take the ordinary and transform it into something extraordinary, and to show us the world in a completely new way. Augmented Reality does too. So AR and artists are a perfect match. What’s next is an exploration of AR storytelling beyond just the visual: audio, touch, smell and taste.”


Women && Tech

"Designing responsibly is absolutely key. We do this by engaging all disciplines. The Humanities are particularly good at asking critical ‘Why?’ questions, and we need a lot of that critical thinking to understand the potential social, cultural, and ethical implications, alongside solving the hard technical engineering challenges and informing those design decisions."



Toronto Star

“Augmented reality is an excellent visualization tool to show possibilities of things that don’t yet exist in reality. We’re starting to see it being used in retail, marketing, and now in real estate, where AR has real value as a visualization and sales tool for the consumer.”


The Atlantic

“AR is a way to extend the human imagination, not supplant it. AR is a form of make-believe, creating a virtual story that can be visual, audible, tangible, olfactory, and even one you can taste.” 



Daily Dot

“Of course there’s a dark side to everything, but I think there’s a huge positive opportunity for these technologies to change the way we experience reality on a daily basis.”


The Globe and Mail

“Technology is beginning to wrap around us and cater to our needs, we're moving more toward a natural experience, whether that is through motion and gesture – moving your hands through the air and being able to have those movements tracked – or from a neural capacity and being able to use your brain to control an experience.”



Wareable Magazine

“The future of AR is sophisticated and beautiful. It enhances and is in sync with the physical world; it does not replace or supplant it. It does not overload; it aids and delights with elegance. It creates goodness, uplifting and enriching our lives. It ignites and invites curiosity and creativity. This is what we must strive for. May these new realities be deeply fulfilling and greatly benefit humanity."


The Next Web

“I strongly believe AR is emerging as a new medium and it will come to play a large role in entertainment and information sharing…I’d like to see more work move beyond the single-viewer experience in AR and engage larger audiences in a simultaneous viewing and even collaborative interactive experience.”



Additional Features and Interviews

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